For others, the options are there, but the ‘Paste’ option pastes the wrong thing. And for some people, the problem occurs only in one application. Even after you make the changes in settings, clicking a link from Windows search or the widget panel will open in Edge. One simple option that Windows 11 takes away is the ability to resize your taskbar.

You say ‘sadly there isn’t a version available for Linux’. Then how is it that I have Notepad++ installed on my Ubuntu laptop? If you like what you are reading, please consider buying us a coffee as a token of appreciation. SciTE’s free version is available for Linux-compatible systems with GTK+ and Windows while a commercial version is up for download from the Mac App Store. Kate Text EditorTo install Kate, issue following command on Linux terminal.

packages selected

Any concerns the interviewer seemed to have, or anything that went wrong. What the interviewer seemed to like best about you; what impressed them. When preparing your notes, make sure to structure them in a simple and effective way that works for you. Downvotes based on disagreement can help visitors see which perspective the most people agreed with when they’re trying to decide which answer is “right”. Even if some people agree with this, if 100 people downvote it and 20 upvote it, the opinion would appear to be in the minority.

Imagine you are interviewing at a company called Green Communications. Questions for the interviewer aren’t optional in today’s competitive job market; they’re necessary. Asking thoughtful questions shows that you’ve done your research and are genuinely interested in the position. Once you figure out what you’re going to wear, it’s time to think about what to bring to a job interview. That being said, never forget that you have the right to say, “Great question—let me think about that! ” and from there, take a minute to write your thoughts down on a notepad and re-collect yourself.

Notepad++ vs PyCharm

Wordpad is an in-built Windows software that can view and edit your documents. Wordpad also helps to unlock password-protected PDFs, which are locked against editing. But in case of data loss, you should have an extra copy of the file just in case. Appending command line arguments can be done in either two ways.


With a remote interview, you’ve got a little more flexibility here; you don’t necessarily need to go out and buy a fancy padfolio or type up neat notes. Keep this list handy during your interview so you can jot down any specific questions that come to mind during your conversation. If you feel your breathing get more difficult during the stress of an interview,it makes no sense to resist the habit of having a puff on your inhaler. Interviewers understand that many candidates will have certain medical needs, so be relaxed enough to ask for a moment and ease your symptoms. You may actually be positively judged for your peace of mind and calm demeanor.

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